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Essay Contest Announcement - Prizes
May 14, 2013

Featured Affirmation:

I allow joy even in the midst of pain.


“A good half of the art of living is resilience.” -Alain de Botton

"Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain." -Joseph Campbell

“The human capacity for burden is like bamboo- far more flexible than you'd ever believe at first glance.” -Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper

Chronic Resilience Essay Contest Starts Tomorrow

In anticipation of the August release of Chronic Resilience, I’m hosting an essay contest.

Topic: Who inspires your chronic resilience?

We will be honoring 3 essays with a top prize of $250!!

Share your story of appreciation and inspiration for a chance to win great prizes and have your work published on my Creative Affirmations and Chronic Resilience websites!

Entries accepted May 15th through July 26th with winner announced August 12th.

Visit for
essay details and official contest rules.

Pain and Joy All Mixed Up Together

Almost seven years ago my nephrologist (kidney specialist) mentioned that I may need a kidney transplant. I was devastated and quickly slid into a six-month funk. I did too many Google searches and generally freaked myself out about what may lie ahead.

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed and feeling completely out of control?

Joy gets muffled by the continual mental repetition of stressful worst-case scenarios.

I didn’t know what to do.

I was at the mercy of stress.

I wondered how the young me, who also coped with a variety of health challenges, processed all that she went through.

How could me in the hospital…

…be the same me who was filled with joy?

That’s when I saw what I was missing. Resilience.

Kids are natural experts are resilience. It’s us adults that love to weave the drama.

Resilience is the ability to be present with our pain (cry, pout, be lost) without dwelling in it. When we have compassion for the painful stuff, we allow it to pass through without becoming stuck in it.

When you’re not stuck in pain, joy organically shows up.

Life moves in an effortless cycle of ups and downs. When we stop replaying the drama in our minds, the pain easily makes way for joy.

I learned from my past how to navigate my future. I took the pressure off. I remembered that I am way more than just a body. I allowed the joy back in.

Out of that came a book.

The release of Chronic Resilience: 10 Sanity-Saving Strategies for Women Coping with the Stress of Illness is right around the corner!!! Get the details here.

Journal Exercise

How have I been resilient in the past? How can I apply those lessons today?

What's New at Chronic Resilience?

If you haven’t been to my new website yet, head on over!

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I am in the process of booking speaking engagements for 2013. If you have a group that needs a speaker, you can learn more about my Chronic Resilience Seminars and Keynotes as well as read testimonials at my website:


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