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On Love - Redefining Positive, Issue #016
January 31, 2012

Featured Affirmation:

I believe in the Infinite Power of Love.

On Love...

“Greater than fear is Love.

Love dissolves all fear, casts out all doubt and sets the captive free.

Love, like the River of Life, flows through me and refreshes me with its eternal blessings.

Love cannot be afraid; it is fearless and strong, and is mighty in its works.

It can accomplish all things through the Inner Light of that faith in the All Good,

Which fills my very Being with a Powerful Presence.”

- Ernest Holmes

Love is the Source and the Desire

You may have originally come to or to get something, a relationship, confidence, material possessions, wealth or happiness. When you looked at your life, you may have though “It would be so much better if ________ happened.” In search of how to make that happen we have found each other.

Today, I’m asking you to play a bigger game. That thing that you want, the house, car, published book, soul mate, dream vacation, etc… is not what you truly desire. It isn’t. I can 100% assure you of that. Even if you got the house, car, published book, soul mate, dream vacation, etc… it won’t make you feel the way you are hoping it will. It simply can’t live up to your expectations in a way that is lasting. The only thing that can do that is L.O.V.E.

Behind any “want” you have is a strong desire for love, to love yourself, to love others, to bask in the glow that is love. Think about it, when you accomplish a goal, what do you feel? Love. Love for yourself, love for the project, love for the journey and love for the result. Love is the ultimate goal.

This is wonderful news! Since love is the ultimate goal, you don’t need money, resources, a partner or anything else to begin experiencing love right now. There are several ways to do this:
  • Make a list of everything you already love about your life and/or yourself.
  • Write a letter of appreciation to someone you care about.
  • Notice all the ways that you are loved by others and by life.
  • Close your eyes and picture spending time with someone you love.
  • Physically spend time with someone you love.
  • Participate in an activity you love.
  • Meditate on love.
As you do the above activities, really focus on feeling the feelings of love. That is where the power exists.

The interesting thing is, when you shift your focus to love, seeing love, feeling love and experiencing love, your life changes to reflect what you are feeling on the inside. Things around you start to improve. You begin to see that your feelings of love are magnified in your relationships, business/career, health, and spirituality. You come to a deep sense of knowing that love is ultimately what we are here for. That is the biggest success of all.

Journal Exercise:

I see love in my life…

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