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a positive statement, Issue #001 -- Set and achieve your 2010 goals!
December 20, 2009

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Planning for a Breakthrough 2010

Have you ever made a resolution and kept it for only a day, a week at the most? Have you done this more than once? Did you accomplish your 2009 resolutions?

Eat healthier, exercise, increase abundance, start a business, write a book, watch less television, and on and on and on. Good intentions are a start, but they only go so far.

I challenge you to take the week between Christmas and New Year’s to plan for 2010. Plan to not just create your goals, but plan to manifest your goals.

Choose three goals you would like to accomplish next year. Be very specific. The goal “exercise more” is general. The goal “walk two miles two times per week and do fifty sit-ups five times per week” is specific.

Next, pick a date by which you would like to have your goal accomplished. If your goal is the creation of a new habit, as in the exercise example, your accomplishment date would be twenty-one days of consecutive implementation or three weeks after the first of the year. Twenty-one days is the average time it takes for a person to create a new habit. For completion goals, such as start a business or write a book, pick a reasonable amount of time (within 2010) that you would need to complete them.

Once you have each goal and accomplishment date, write each into the following sentence:

“I choose to accomplish ________________________ by ____________________.”

The above sentence is important to frame your goal as a desire instead of a “should do" task. “Should do” creates resistance, “choose to” creates empowerment.

As you read over each of your goals, what resistance comes up? What are your fears related to your goal? Why was this goal not accomplished in 2009? Write down any fears related to each of your goals.

Next to each fear, write the opposite in positive present tense. These positive fear-buster statements are your affirmations for the month of January. If you need some examples, check out the list of affirmations. Say them each morning when you wake up and each night before you go to sleep. The repetition will be a gentle reminder that what you fear is not the truth of you or your reality. You can have an amazing 2010. There is nothing between you and your goal except your thoughts and you have the power to change those.

Affirmation: I choose to create an amazing 2010.

Book Reviews

There are some amazing authors out there to inspire and motivate us to live life to our fullest potential. The Inspirational Books page has a complete list of Creative Affirmations recommended books for your reading and personal development pleasure.

You can read the latest book review by clicking the link below.

The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart

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