101 Places to Put Affirmations

Surrounding yourself with affirmations serves to engage your positive emotions and remind you of your goals throughout the day. When you see an affirmation during the day, take a moment to savor it. Recall memories or visualize images that support the truth in your chosen affirmation. If you find that the affirmations you have up become stale after a while, do a change up to keep everything fresh and motivating. Here are 101 places to put affirmations:

  1. Bathroom Mirror
  2. Laminated in the Shower
  3. Near the Potty
  4. Closet Door
  5. Makeup Case
  6. Wrapped Around the Toothbrush Holder
  7. Hairbrush Handle
  8. Computer Screen
  9. Mouse Pad
  10. Center of the Steering Wheel
  11. Car Sun Visor
  12. Coffee Pot
  13. Refrigerator Door
  14. Debit Card
  15. Credit Card
  16. Checkbook
  17. Wallet
  18. Front Door
  19. Back Door
  20. Cell Phone
  21. Night Stand
  22. Headboard
  23. On the Cover of Your Favorite Book
  24. Notepad
  25. Business Card Holder
  26. Pen Case
  27. Office Supplies Holder
  28. Calculator
  29. Box of Tissues
  30. Medication Bottles
  31. Knitted into a Blanket
  32. Framed as Art on your Wall
  33. Key Ring
  34. Photo Album Cover
  35. Lunch Bag
  36. Coffee Mug
  37. Pocket Calendar
  38. Desk Calendar
  39. Written on the Outside of File Folders
  40. Vase
  41. Planting Containers
  42. Tucked into a Picnic Basket
  43. Water Bottle
  44. Binder Cover
  45. Ruler
  46. Coasters
  47. Canteen
  48. Ironed onto the inside of your Slippers
  49. Ironed onto the inside of your Bathrobe
  50. Ironed onto a Beach Towel
  51. Ceiling to see while laying in Bed
  52. Treadmill
  53. Elliptical
  54. Yoga Mat
  55. Barbell Set
  56. Frisbee
  57. Easel
  58. Desk
  59. Laptop
  60. Coffee Table
  61. Fireplace Mantel
  62. Decorative Shelves
  63. Bedroom Door
  64. Medical Equipment
  65. TV Remote Control
  66. Universal Remote Control
  67. Phone
  68. Message Board
  69. Microwave Door
  70. Stitched into a Blanket
  71. Baby’s Crib
  72. Dresser
  73. On a Placard in the Garden
  74. Garage Door Opener
  75. Camera
  76. Video Camera
  77. Luggage
  78. Screen Saver
  79. Recurring Pop-Up Electronic Task on the Computer
  80. E-mail Signature
  81. Inside Your Mailbox
  82. Mail Sorter
  83. Magazine Rack
  84. Thermometer Case
  85. Cast (for those with mending bones)
  86. Necklace
  87. Bracelet
  88. Recipe Sorter
  89. Above the Kitchen Sink
  90. Bathroom Scale
  91. Personal Organizer
  92. Dinner Place Mats
  93. Napkin Ring Holders
  94. Briefcase
  95. Laptop Case
  96. Bible
  97. Window
  98. The Palm of Your Hand
  99. Grocery Store Rewards Card
  100. Laminated above the Bathtub
  101. On the TV

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