Inspirational Speaker Danea Horn

Danea Horn is an in demand speaker who has provided presentations for organizations such as the Portland Trail Blazers, Mary Kay and the Entrepreneurs' Organization. She uses insights from her background as a coach, entrepreneur and chronic disease warrior to create personal and captivating presentations that inspire results.

Her focus is on giving people the tools they need to create a positive life when they are facing stressful challenges. She is a true asset to organizations that want to increase productivity, morale and the health of their members.

Danea's presentation series "Chronic Resilience" takes an honest look at the widespread misconceptions of developing a positive attitude that keep people stuck, stressed and feeling guilty. She connects with audience members by exploring the myths and showcasing the realities of positivity that result in long-lasting benefits.

For Corporate Audiences
Chronic Resilience: Preventing Off-The-Job Stressors from Impacting Health and Performance On-The-Job

  • Gain control of personal life stressors.
  • Learn the truth behind self-talk that decreases worry and increases personal resources.
  • Design a preventative wellness practice to manage stress.
  • Discover personal motivations for consistently implementing healthy habits.
  • Develop an attitude that increases energy and capacity for creativity and productivity at work.

For Organizations, Associations and Support Groups Whose Members are Challenged with Health Issues
Chronic Resilience: Taking Ownership of Your Attitude and Your Life After Diagnosis

  • Discover the three biggest myths of a positive attitude and the truths hidden behind them.
  • Learn proven techniques for reducing stress, increasing energy and retaining focus when managing a health challenge.
  • Become aware of the health paradox each patient faces and find out how to overcome it.
  • Leave empowered to make lifestyle changes that support self care and healing.

Keynote Presentation: Chronic Resilience

Danea’s keynote presentation is aimed at demystifying positivity. She courageously shines a light on the widespread misinformation of developing a positive attitude. She entertains the audience with her personal and honest account of discovering the truths of positivity through her own health struggles.

Life can be astounding just by being who you are, where you are at, and with the challenges you are facing. Her style is personal, powerful and inspirational.

To discuss what would make your presentation a success and to receive a copy of Danea's informational package and presentations overview, e-mail Danea at or schedule a phone appointment!

"She made a profound impact through her personal stories and precise analogies. I am still receiving feedback from our participants about how impactful Danea was, even one month later!”
- Tiffany Stout, Mary Kay Senior Cadillac Sales Director

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