Articles on Stress

Calling all articles on stress. I’m investigating, writing and pulling together the best stuff on stress. Visit often to see what’s been added.

The main thing to remember about stress is that it is something within, not something external as most people think. This is great news, because the internal stuff is our domain. We get to control it, own it and get it handled.

Let’s get something else settled; stress isn’t always a bad thing. A bit of stress as a deadline gets closer ends procrastination. Stress helps narrow our focus and handle what we need to. The issue is when stress becomes chronic stress. Chronic stress is the sort that will impact your body, make you feel tired, overwhelmed and generally cranky.

These articles will help you:

  • Identify what stress is
  • Determine what your unique stress symptoms are –and-
  • Put a stress management plan together with lots of practical tips and tricks for stress relief

The articles are divided between my two sites: Creative Affirmations and Chronic Resilience.

Breathe deep and enjoy…

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A Note About Chronic Resilience

If you, or a loved one, is coping with illness, feeling stressed, worried and a host of other emotions, I've created a site just for you.

Chronic Resilience is my way to connect with you and find power in the powerlessness of illness.

In addition to covering stress, Chronic Resilience also discusses: healthy living, learning from illness, finding gratitude, yummy stuff and life stuff.

I've been there in the trenches with illness and have some insights to share. The site is honest, down to earth and focuses on how to still live a wonderful life despite challenging health. Join me...

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