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Dreams are accomplished only with a series of very tiny steps. 8-26-13

I will rest when my body needs it. 8-19-13

The actions I take link my dreams to my reality. 8-12-13

I choose to love with my whole heart. 8-5-13

I forgive you. I forgive myself. 7-29-13

Today I will take one step forward. 7-22-13

I choose to make my dream a reality. 7-15-13

Peace starts with me. 7-8-13

Acceptance is a precursor to action. 7-1-13

I am willing to let go of what's not working. 6-24-13

I accept my whole self: mind, body and spirit. 6-17-13

I choose faith. 6-10-13

I take responsibility for my actions and words. 6-3-13

I have the courage to make tough decisions. 5-27-13

I am willing to give others the benefit of the doubt. 5-20-13

Courage is something I choose. 5-13-13

I celebrate me! 5-6-13

I have the strength to do what needs to be done. 4-29-13

My thoughts are filled with peace. 4-22-13

I am willing to feel delicate painful emotions in order to set them free. 4-15-13

Fear does not control me. 4-8-13

Life is only happening right at this very moment. 4-1-13

I have the courage to live by my values. 3-25-13

Love motivates my actions. 3-18-13

Each day is a fresh start. 3-11-13

I am willing to change course when things begin to flow different than I had intended. 3-4-13

I dare to dream BIG. 2-25-13

I make choices that move me forward. 2-19-13

I am so much more than my body. 2-11-13

I choose to live with resilience. 2-4-13

I am willing to let go of that which no longer serves me. 1-28-13

I trust that life is leading me to someplace wonderful. 1-21-13

I am willing to implement what I learn. 1-14-13

I push though. I choose perseverance. I accomplish what I set out to. 1-7-13

2013 will be a wonderfully epic year! 1-1-13

I accept my family for who they are and thank them for the gifts they have given me. 12-24-12

Live a prayer for love. 12-17-12

I choose to see the abundant amount of joy in my life. 12-10-12

I am willing to act out of love. 12-3-12

I choose to take advice from my heart. 11-26-12

I use my time wisely. 11-19-12

I am open to knowing my true spiritual nature. 11-12-12

I allow my thoughts to come and go peacefully. 11-5-12

I am willing to do the inner work required to resolve what I perceive as problems. I know that my solution does not exist outside of myself. 10-29-12

All is right with this present moment. 10-22-12

I am willing to let my expectations go. Again. And again. And again. 10-15-12

I choose to know that I am always found. Never lost. 10-8-12

I am willing to seek out life's adventures. 10-1-12

I appreciate the positive qualities I have received from my family. I let the rest go. 9-24-12

I choose to put my full focus on changing one aspect of my life. 9-17-12

I choose to wait for a relationship that is healthy, loving and fully supportive. 9-10-12

I am willing to step toward beliefs that hold me back in order to fully let them go. 9-3-12

I choose to remain present with the good and the not so good in my life. 8-27-12

I accept pain as an inevitable part of life. 8-20-12

I choose to listen before I speak. 8-13-12

I support others as I would want to be supported. 8-6-12

I am willing to be uncomfortable so that I leap to the next level. 7-30-12

I choose to be at peace with myself. 7-23-12

I take charge of my finances in a responsible and accurate way. 7-16-12

I choose foods now that will support the body I desire to have in the future. 7-9-12

I forgive myself. 7-2-12

I focus on those things that are in my control. 6-25-12

I choose to make healthy choices. 6-18-12

I demonstrate loving self-compassion. 6-11-12

The resources I need are in view. 6-4-12

I am willing to trust other people. 5-28-12

I explore the world with an open heart. 5-21-12

I give myself permission to not have it all figured out. 5-14-12

Today is a fresh start. 5-7-12

I will breathe in serenity, over and over again. 4-30-12

Today, I will allow myself to be loved. 4-23-12

I choose foods that are nutritious for my health. 4-16-12

Today I will start over. 4-9-12

I effortlessly let all distractions go. 4-2-12

I am willing to have patience. 3-26-12

I am learning exactly what I need to learn. 3-26-12

I am willing to ask for help. 3-19-12

I am patient with myself. 3-12-12

I choose to make my health a top priority. 3-5-12

I am fully present and intently listening when others are speaking. 2-27-12

I give myself permission to feel the way I feel in this moment. 2-20-12

I see the love in other people's actions. 2-13-12

I take time to appreciate all aspects of my life. 2-6-12

Trust. Trust. Trust. 1-30-12

I express my priorities through the actions I take. 1-23-12

If it isn't working, I will make adjustments or let it go. 1-16-12

Today I will take one small step toward my goal. 1-9-12

I choose to take good care of my body. 1-3-12

I accept that right now life is what it is. 12-26-11

I have the potential to become __________ (insert dream here). 12-19-11

I let assumptions go and clearly see the truth in my experiences. 12-12-11

I am willing to change my habits for the better. 12-5-11

I appreciate each moment of my life for the gift that it is. 11-28-11

I am grateful, so, so very grateful. 11-21-11

I walk my talk. 11-14-11

I recognize the good in other people. 11-7-11

I choose to let go of my fears. 10-31-11

I crave food that gives me energy, health and satisfaction. 10-24-11

I celebrate my small wins and that leads to big wins. 10-17-11

Rejection is just a sign that I am taking a risk. I can be rejected and still be worthy. 10-10-11

Today I will take one step toward fulfilling my dream. 10-3-11

I exercise the freedom to be who I truly am. 9-26-11

I am love. 9-19-11

I am willing to be honest with myself. 9-12-11

I know that at my core I am peaceful, positive, wise, and prosperous. 9-5-11

I am aware of my emotions and thoughts. When things get hectic, I pause and come back to my breath. 8-29-11

I relax into not having all of the answers at the moment. 8-22-11

Be still and listen. 8-15-11

When things get hectic, I choose peace. 8-8-11

I take time and care to plan nutritious and delicious meals. 8-1-11

I handle my finances with maturity, foresight and calm. 7-25-11

I choose to place my focus on those things that are for my highest good. 7-18-11

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Things always tend to work out well for me. 7-11-11

I am creating my future now. 7-4-11

I allow life to be what it is. 6-27-11

I choose to give my best 100% of the time. 6-20-11

I easily recognize and acknowledge what is true in my life at the moment. 6-13-11

I am willing to put in the work of change. 6-6-11

I choose to see all there is to be grateful for in life. 5-30-11

I let go of trying and allow. 5-23-11

I accept my emotions and allow them to express without judging their meaning and intent. 5-16-11

I easily recognize and honor when my body needs to rest. 5-9-11

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I see my children for the truth of who they are. 5-2-11

My intentions unfold with ease. 4-25-11

I am clearly guided toward my higher purpose. 4-18-11

I trust that I am effortlessly provided with everything I need. 4-11-11

I forgive myself with grace. 4-4-11

I continually put energy toward my dreams. 3-28-11

I am willing to be open to new experiences, new people and new places. 3-21-11

I choose to trust the decisions I make. 3-14-11

I bring in more income that I spend. 3-7-11

I choose to see the good in other people. 2-28-11

Fresh creative ideas are coming to me every day. 2-21-11

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Love is entering my life right now. 2-14-11

I take time to be spontaneous. 2-7-11

My prosperity is increasing every day. 1-31-11

My intuition is guiding me toward right action. 1-24-11

I release my limits and embrace my greatness. 1-17-11

I love the life I'm in. 1-10-11

There is opportunity in each choice in each moment. 1-3-11

Healing happens in the mind. 12-27-10

I reawaken to my dreams. 12-20-10

I have the potential to achieve my intentions. 12-13-10

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Tis the season to let things go. 12-6-10

I allow the past to be the past. 11-29-10

I give thanks for this moment. 11-22-10

I care about my body. 11-15-10

Things always work out well for me. 11-8-10

I have the confidence to handle life's challenges. 11-1-10

I already know what to do, and I follow my intuition. 10-25-10

I choose to be kind to myself. 10-18-10

Tradition warms my heart and connects me with my past. 10-11-10

I nourish my body with healthy choices. 10-4-10

I am brave. 9-27-10

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I release my assumptions and acknowledge what is true in each situation. 9-20-10

I have the courage to act on my dreams without knowing the outcome. 9-13-10

I release stress for what it is, false assumptions. 9-6-10

I love myself and love flows to me. 8-30-10

Authenticity. 8-23-10

My mission is kindness to myself and others. 8-16-10

Deep breath into the moment. 8-9-10

Relax into the journey. 8-2-10

I take the first step and life meets me in wonderfully unexpected ways. 7-26-10

I am wholly committed to my intentions. 7-19-10

Things always work out well for me. 7-12-10

Joy. 7-5-10

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To all my beliefs that no longer serve me: I thank you, and I release you from your duties. 6-28-10

I am in control of my reaction to others. 6-21-10

I trust that I am right where I am supposed to be on my journey. 6-14-10

I am a positive person. I recognize the positive in everything. 6-7-10

I welcome change with open arms. 6-1-10

Life's timing is always divine. 5-23-10

I live permanently in abundance. 5-16-10

The food I eat promotes health. It gives me energy, satisfaction and renewal. 5-9-10

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Stress is only a mindset and I can change my mindset. 5-2-10

Everything in life happens with perfect timing. 4-24-10

I welcome change with open arms. 4-17-10

I release my attachment to my thoughts and the stories my mind tells about the world around me. I see only truth. 4-10-10

I allow myself to make mistakes. Life is an experiment and I am the scientist discovering new things. 4-1-10

I wake up each morning on time, refreshed and with energy, ready to begin the day. 3-23-10

I take action each day to move toward my dreams. 3-16-10

I am committed to creating fun in my everyday routine. 3-8-10

It is easy for me to appreciate the people in my life. 3-2-10

I choose an optimistic outlook. 2-23-10

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My body is renewed with health each and every day. 2-16-10

I am surrounded by love. 2-7-10

I value and honor money in my life. I recognize it as a gift. 1-31-10

I effortlessly manifest my desires. 1-24-10

I live, move and have my being in the flow of Life. 1-17-10

Woo Hoo! 1-10-10

I keep my New Year's Resolutions with confidence. 1-3-10

My body knows how to heal. Each new cell that arrives in my body arrives whole, complete and healthy. 12-27-09

My heart is open. 12-20-09

I allow the spirit of the holiday season to shine through me. 12-14-09

Things always work out well for me. 12-6-09

Family warms my heart and feeds my soul. 11-29-09

I am thankful. In all ways, for all things, I am thankful. 11-22-09

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I see beauty in my legs. I see beauty in my torso. I see beauty in my arms. I see beauty in my eyes. I see beauty in my skin. I see beauty in my lips. I see beauty in my hair. I see beauty radiate out of each and every inch of me. 11-15-09

I am worthy of love. 11-8-09

I am a magnet for prosperity, freedom, joy and abundance. 11-1-09

My intuitive voice speaks loud and clear. I know what to do. 10-25-09

I see pain as something separate from myself, and I am in control of my response to it. 10-18-09

I allow my right brain to fully express itself. 10-11-09

I am gaining the confidence to achieve my intentions. 10-4-09

Friends show up in the most wonderfully unexpected ways! 9-27-09 Keep scrolling...more free affirmations:

I trust that I am on a Divine path toward my purpose. 9-20-09

A career that I am wildly passionate about is on its way to me. 9-13-09

My dreams are manifesting before my eyes. 9-6-09

I know that my needs are always provided for. 8-30-09

When I encounter anger, I respond with love. 8-23-09

Today will surprise me in many wonderful ways. 8-17-09

Everywhere I look I see opportunities to create abundance in my life. 8-10-09

My needs are always met, and for that, I am grateful. 8-3-09

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I choose to be as unique as I am. My authentic self, the real me, the true "I am." 7-28-09

I have a friend by my side who supports me, challenges me, laughs with me and loves me for exactly the person that I am. 7-20-09

I release all beliefs that are not putting my intent into action. 7-13-09

I have the ability to choose my thoughts an emotions, and I have the strength to make a positive choice. 7-6-09

I will to use today to take one action toward my desired intention. 6-28-09

My mind is clear, I am calm and I meditate with ease. 6-20-09

Today I will give love to everyone I meet. I will speak with love. I will listen with love. I will make loving decisions. I will let love guide me where it wants to go. 6-15-09

Rain is not a bad thing. It is nourishing. It may not be enjoyable at times, but it is vital. Rain brings flowers, trees, lakes and waterfalls. Rain creates blissful beauty. Rain is welcomed with the knowledge that the sky will clear and the sun will shine. All is well. 6-8-09

I believe in myself. 5-30-09

My new life starts now. (This is a great affirmation to use when negative thoughts creep in or if you feel tempted to fall back into an old behavior you want to change.) 5-23-09

What I think becomes what I see. 5-16-09

I easily recognize when I am full, and I am content to stop eating. 5-9-09

The only truth there is exists within me. 5-2-09

As I see everything around me growing and blossoming, I know that I am growing and blossoming too. 4-25-09

I release my expectations. I release my hope. I release my scenarios, my if“s” and my must“s.” I go with the flow. All is well. 4-18-09

The power I am searching for is within me. I am willing to use it. I am willing to change.


No matter what the world around me may look like, I will choose to be kind. 4-4-09

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