About Danea Horn, CPC

VACTERL Association, VATER

The Beginning

I was born with VACTERL Association, a rare birth disorder that was has been described by Dr. Hardy Hendren of Boston Children’s Hospital as “nature’s worst malformations.” It took 10 reconstructive surgeries before I was two to put things back in working order. I have managed chronic restrictive lung disease and chronic kidney disease, among other “inconveniences,” for all of my life. Fortunately, my parents did not see VACTERL as a curse, bad luck, or punishment. It was simply part of my journey.

When I was 4-months old, my mom wrote me a letter to describe her experience of my birth and the chaos that followed. She ended the letter with the statement: “Danea, I will never understand fully why you chose to come to this life in this manner. I am very hopeful that someday you will tell me more about it.” That is the story I am writing now…


  • I am redefining "positive" in my own life and health. I have healing still in front of me and look at each day as an opportunity to place my focus on what I am grateful for and what I want to see grow in my life.

  • I am learning to meditate.

  • I use my 30-day affirmation plan as a reminder of why the world is prosperous and my ability to step into my goals.

  • I have written for, or been featured in: Goodness Magazine, RenaLife Magazine, CrazySexyLife.com, Monty’sCorner.com, PortlandonFire.com, and GirlsOnTheGrid.com.

  • I am a certified life coach and speak to audiences about authentic positivity, life balance, and managing health. My client list includes: the Portland Trail Blazers, The Tiffany and Co. Unit of Mary Kay, and The Entrepreneurs' Organization.
  • In The Past

  • I have had debt, heartache, and career detours. I have learned many lessons and have seen the power of affirmations firsthand.

  • I graduated with a double major in mathematics and economics which led to a successful corporate finance career. Turns out I am not a fan of working with spreadsheets for most of my day.I have completed graduate course work in health education and organizational development.

  • I attended The Baraka Institute, an ICF accredited life coaching certification program.

  • I took a big leap to start my own company as a life coach, speaker, and writer.
  • What I Like

  • A decadent Starbucks on a cold fall morning.

  • Twinkling Christmas lights.

  • Hiking in the Sierra Mountains. We used to vacation there a lot when I was young.

  • Reading…reading…reading.

  • Reinventing my favorite recipes as vegetarian. I love meal planning on Sunday afternoons.


  • Alpacas…they look like Dr. Seuss animals. Too cute. I dream of one day owning a farm full of them.

  • Dancing, usually with the iPod on and the room door shut.

  • Cupcakes…my favorite way to celebrate!
  • At Home

  • I married Phillip in 2002. He is the most amazing, fun, supportive husband a girl could ask for.

  • Our two dogs, Abbey & Emma, are great stress relievers. No, they are not biological sisters--they come from different pounds in different states.


  • I live in Sacramento with a beautiful view of the river. Summer evenings on the deck are the best.

  • What to know more? Check out the articles, recommended books, and site store for all the personal development things I love. Lots of my personal journey is woven throughout this site. I am always honest about the truth of personal growth. Seldom is it straight and narrow--that would be too easy. The curves are what make it exciting.

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