Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is the act of painting a picture with your mind. It is wildly useful when working on manifesting an intention for two reasons.

First, visualization can influence our beliefs, and beliefs shape our reality. It is vital to have beliefs that support the goals we focus on. Our beliefs are formed in a number of different ways, through education, our family, the media, what we read, what we observe, basically, our surroundings. When you visualize you are putting yourself in a surrounding that you choose. Your creative visualization has the ability to affect your beliefs.

For instance, say you have a public speaking event come up that you are nervous about, and currently, you hold the belief that you are a bad public speaker. You had obtained that belief during 5th grade when you were in front of the class and you stumbled while speaking. The belief you want to change: poor at public speaking. The belief you want to instill: brilliant at public speaking.


Through creative visualization, you can create a scene in which you are a brilliant public speaker in your mind. You are creating a new surrounding that shows your subconscious mind that you can be brilliant at public speaking. Repeat the visualization often enough and your belief will shift to support what you are seeing in your mind. Our subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is happening in our world and what is only happening in our mind. Hence, the scene of being a brilliant public speaker is just as real to your subconscious as the experience during 5th grade. When the actual day of the speech comes, you will be a brilliant public speaker because your reality will reflect your beliefs.

We do not actually need new circumstances in our lives to create new beliefs because we can be in charge of what we experience in our mind.

The second reason that creative visualization can be useful for change is that it can be a powerful tool to enact the Law of Attraction. If your vision is clear, if you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch the scenario you are seeing in your mind, you will find that you will also emotionally feel the feelings of the creative visualization.

Our reality changes when we can match our vibration (feeling energy) to the vibration of what we want. Not to get too complex here, but the entire Universe is energy. It all comes down to protons, neutrons and electrons: energy. The Law of Attraction tells us that like attracts like on an energy level. The stronger and more frequently we can feel the feelings of the life we want, the quicker we will attract that reality. Creative visualization can put you in the emotional (vibrational) state that powerfully attracts your intentions to you.

When I first learned about creative visualization, I was trilled; I finally felt powerful enough to change my life. Then I realized that creative visualization is not necessarily easy, especially when you are visualizing a scenario that contradicts your current beliefs. First I had to battle thoughts that visualization would not work while I was trying to visualize. Once I adopted the belief that my thoughts create my reality, I had to battle other beliefs. When I would visualize myself wealthy, I would have a steady stream of contradictory thoughts flowing in the background of my mind. On and on it went.

Sometimes I was more successful and focused than others at creative visualization; however, I always felt a bit distracted. Then one day I made it there. I found the space where you visualize so intently that you feel with your entire being what it is like to be in that visualization. I cried tears of joy from the emotion that welled up inside of me. I realized the true power of my thoughts. I visualized. Since that fateful evening, I have been able to reach emotional states that have magnetized my affirmations and drawn fantastic results. Read on for my tips on visualizing.

  1. Determine what your intention is. The can be to change a belief, to fall in love, to become wealthy, to get a promotion, to loose weight, to heal, to whatever you want. Pick one and stick to it!

  2. Consciously choose a scenario that adequately reflects the END RESULT of your intention. Seriously contemplate this because it is important. If you intention is to loose 30 pounds, know exactly why you want to loose the weight and how you will feel when the weight is gone. A clue: it is probably deeper than, “so I can fit into my old jeans.” Most of my end results have to do with feeling love, even if my intention is money. The scene I typically pick is a celebration dinner with my husband: great food, great conversation and lots of love.

  3. Predetermine the details of your scenario. If it involves a celebration dinner, like me, know which restaurant you will go to, know what you will wear, look up the menu online and pick what you will order. Know as much as you can about your scene before you even close your eyes to visualize.

  4. If you are still toying with the belief that your thoughts create your reality, you may want to read something motivating before you begin your visualization session. Visualization becomes more powerful if you believe that it will make a difference in your life. If you still need some convincing of this belief, take a moment to adopt it before you begin.

  5. Now you are ready…to relax. Each focused visualization begins with a short period of relaxation. You can count backward from 100 until you feel your body disappear into your surroundings, you can do progressive muscle relaxation starting with your toes, you can count your breath, you can feel yourself slowly sink into your bed or chair; point is take a few moments to get our of your conscious mind so that you can tap into your subconscious. We are much more open to suggestion when we are mentally at a more relaxed level than our conscious thinking mind operates at. You will know when you have achieved this relaxed state because the boarders of your body will feel blurred (I know it sounds weird, but to me that is what it feels like).

  6. Once you are relaxed, begin playing the scene in your mind that you created earlier. Go straight through from start to finish. If you feel like you are loosing focus while visualizing, look, with your eyes closed, at the back of your eyelids. This should refocus you and maintain your state of relaxation. If you do not predetermine your scenario and all of the details, I can almost guarantee that your mind will wander, altering your visualization as you go, and you will not be engaged enough in the scene to connect emotion to what you are seeing.

  7. Then the most important aspect of visualization, the thing that works for me every time, is to SMILE!! I cannot emphasize enough how powerful smiling is to engage your emotions in a visualization. The bigger I smile the more welled up with love and joy I become. Allow your feelings to glow inside you until you feel like you will burst with excitement. This is the point when you know that you have engaged the energy of the Universe who has heard your request. Getting your emotions involved is the only way to change your beliefs and change your life. The rest is just words and pictures. Once you hit this state, you will know without a doubt what it feels like to harness your true power.
Want to learn more about visualization techniques? Read this article, it is one of my favorites on the subject.

Ready to test out your skills? Start with these exercises to stretch your mind and ability to visualize.

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