Vision Boards

Vision boards are visual representations of your goals and desires. They can be made a number of different ways, but their main purpose is to assist you in seeing, and thus feeling, how you want to feel when your goals are achieved.

This is the key to manifestation. Over 75% of people tend to be visual learners which makes visualizing and visual images so effective. When you work with the way your conscious and unconscious mind takes in ideas, you are much more likely to shift the energy you are sending out around your intentions.

Frequently look at the images and deeply feel how you will feel when they are manifest in your life. Live the joy, relief, prosperity, abundance and gratitude for those few moments.

There was an amazing story in The Secret about vision boards. John Assaraf created a board which included a picture of his dream home. Years later he had moved a number of times and was unpacking in his latest home that he had recently renovated. He opened a box that contained his old vision boards, and there he saw it. He had a board that contained a picture of the exact house he was living in. Not a house like it, the exact house.

Now, I can't assure you that you will live the exact experience you post on your board; John's story seems to more more the exception than the rule. However, I can tell you that the more frequently you feel positive feelings associated with your board, the more motivated you will be to take action on your goals and see your surroundings with an open perspective that breeds possibility.

I have listed a few ideas below for different types of visions boards that you can create to capture your dreams. You can also type out affirmations to include on your vision boards. For a complete list of affirmations, click here.

  • The Gratitude Board: include all of the things that you are currently grateful for.

  • The Hodgepodge: encapsulates a number of visions covering everything from relationships, to finances, to spirituality, etc…

  • The Love Board: centered around your ideal relationship.

  • The Money Board: everything financial, can include pictures of material desires: house, car, clothing, etc…

  • The Habit Board: healthy habits you would like to incorporate into your life, can include exercise, yoga, meditation, foods, body shape, etc…

  • The Specifics: focuses on one situation you would like to see shift. I created a positive cash flow board around rental properties that we wanted to see more revenue from. It included a picture of each property and listed below the amount of monthly money intended to be received.

  • The Travel Board: all of the places you would love to travel to in the world.

  • The Qualities Board: personal qualities you would like to develop within yourself.

  • The Career / Business Board: images depicting your ideal business or career.

  • The Family Board: how you would ideally like to see your family, can include activities to do together, qualities you would like to share, traditions, ideals, etc…

  • The Bucket List Board: all of the things you would like to do before you kick the bucket.

  • The Home Board: architecture, style, furnishings, feelings and materials you desire to incorporate into your dream home.
  • And any other board you want!

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