Affirmation Letter

Affirmation letter is coming up more frequently in web searches, so I wanted to expand on my bullet point from Affirmation Techniques.

Affirmation letters are unique in that they come from your own voice. So much of what we hear in life is from outside sources: the news, our parents, our children, our friends, our co-workers, etc… We soak in all of their messages about who we are and how we are doing in the world, but rarely do we check in with ourselves to find out what we say about our life. An affirmation letter is a good way to tell yourself how special and unique you are. There is no one correct way to write your letter. I would simply suggest that you keep it positive and ultimately caring. People can be especially hard on themselves, me included. It is astounding what a difference a positive message coming from one’s self can make.

I have written a few letters over the years. Most recently I followed a format from the book You Already Know What To Do by Sharon Franquemont. In chapter 3, she asks her readers to write a love letter to themselves & tape record it. While recording, she suggests you frequently say your name and then listen to the recording at least 3 times per week. She states that the replay is essential. I like the idea of not just going through the process of writing, but committing to hear your message in your own voice.

Here are some additional writing prompts to begin your letter:

  • What do you admire about yourself?

  • What message does your soul have for you?

  • What is great about your body from head to toe?

  • What needs healing in your life? (this helps clarify blockages to your intentions)

  • What do you do well?

  • What makes you unique?

  • What gift do you want to offer the world?

  • What is your legacy?

  • What message does yourself at 80 have for yourself now?

  • What message does yourself at 10 have for yourself now?

  • What makes you proud of yourself?

  • What makes you smile? Laugh?

  • What does your body need to heal?

  • What is the next step you should take? (this helps to clarify your path)
  • Looking for a positive journal to write your letter in?

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