Affirmation Myths Exposed

Affirmation myths can prevent people from becoming successful with affirmations or from even trying them in the first place. This article is designed to explain why these myths are incorrect so that you can spread the good news about affirmations. Here are the top 5 affirmation myths:

  1. If I use affirmations, my intentions will manifest without any action on my part. While life tends to unfold before us in the direction of what we feel & think, it does not mean that you can hang at home and wait for the Publishers Clearing House to come by with your fortune. Affirmations are a way to motivate our minds and call to ourselves resources and circumstances that support our goals. However, at the end of the day if you want to be a successful artist, you will have to paint. The affirmations you say about being an artist will provide you with the inspiration, ideas and demand for your craft, but the action piece is part of the equation also.

  2. Affirmations are just the ego trying to trick life into providing what it wants. This can be true, especially in situations where people use affirmations to attempt to change others or for destructive means. However, the true intention of an affirmation is to create a positive psyche where life can flow through freely. Negativity is a block that does not allow joy, abundance, love or light through. Affirmations remove the block by focusing on positive feelings in the present moment, and thus, allow Life to fully express through the individual. Affirmations actually remove ego to let Life flow. The interesting part of this is that when ego and negativity are removed, the default of life is really mental, emotional, and yes, material pleasures that express the true glory that people are.

  3. The Universe does not understand contradiction words such as can’t, no, won’t, don’t, wouldn’t. Even I say that you should write affirmations in the positive, versus contradicting negative, but the reasoning is different. When a person says “I am not fat,” that conjures up a different feeling from “I am slim.” It is not that the Universe does not understand what is meant by “not fat” it is that a person feels differently when they say “not fat” as opposed to saying “slim.” The goal with affirmations is to feel how you want to feel when you dream is a reality, but feel it now in the present moment while you repeat your positive statements.

  4. Affirmations do not do anything. Quite the opposite actually. The science of neuroplasticity hints that affirmations can be a valid way to change the physical connections in your brain to create a more positive and empowering physiology.

  5. Affirmations are New Age jargon that my religious beliefs do not support. Affirmation is the act of stating a personal truth which is the exact same thing that religion does. Prayer is a form of affirmation. Faith is a vital part of knowing that what you have affirmed is on its way.
    From the Bible: “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13 and from Hinduism: “Hong Sau” (Sanscrit for “I am Spirit.”) are both affirmations.

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