Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity

I heard an affirmation technique this morning that can increase the effectiveness of affirmations for abundance and prosperity.

I was on a call with a woman who mentioned that she had been working with affirmations. She had printed them out on small labels and stuck them to her debit card and checkbook….I love it. What a great way to change your mindset as you are actually spending money.

A few years back when I was more actively focusing on changing my money-mindset, I was saying the following affirmation every time I purchased anything:

Money comes easily, frequently and abundantly.

I had been feeling very anxious/guilty each time I spent money. I knew that I was not sending out the energy that was going to attract more money but was actually sending out a message that I wanted nothing to do with money. After a few months of repeating the above affirmation over and over again around money, my financial situation dramatically changed.

One of the tricky things about affirmations is that for them to make a difference you have to be consistent in saying them. The technique of putting them on your forms of money payment is that they will be urgent reminders to shift focus that will frequently be in your line of sight.

Try pasting the following affirmations on anything of yours that has to do with money, credit cards, debit cards, checkbook, wallet, money clip, etc...

Money comes easily, frequently and abundantly.
I spend money with joyful ease.
I allow money to flow freely to and from me.

If you don’t see one here that resonates, check out: prosperity affirmations, abundance affirmations and money affirmations.

It is important that the affirmation you choose makes you feel empowered about your finances. If it just reminds you that you don't have money or makes you feel worse, drop it or change it to meet yourself where you are at. Affirmations are ineffective if we constantly feel like we are lying to ourselves. In fact, affirmations that make us feel worse are having the opposite effect than intended. Adding the word "choose" or "potential" to your affirmations can help them to resonate.

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