Affirmations That Work

Affirmations that work are the affirmations that make you aware of what you are looking for. Before we go any further, watch the You Tube video below about awareness. It is a commercial out of London that is truly eye-opening.

The difference between the first and second viewing of the ‘test’ was awareness of the bear. The bear was present both times the players passed the ball, but it was only seen when we were told to watch out for it. Expanding this to affirmations, awareness is what makes affirmations so powerful. In life, if you are not looking for abundance, chances are you will not see it…even if it moonwalks past you. The same goes for happiness, health, wealth, love, joy, etc…

The subconscious mind processes 40,000,000 pieces of information per second. Our conscious mind would become over loaded it if tried to contemplate and become aware of all the information coming in through the senses. To simplify things, our subconscious mind sorts, categorizes and files the data by our past experiences, by what we are familiar with. It weeds out information deemed not pertinent which is why we typically do not see what we are not looking for or have not seen in the past.

Affirmations are the reminders we give ourselves to increase our awareness of what want to experience in life. Creating affirmations that work means creating statements that tell yourself what you would like to see, instead of what you would not like to see.

You will be amazed to discover that the qualities you would like to see in your life are already there, just as the bear was in the first run of the test. When you increase your awareness suddenly they come into view.

Try this test:

Repeat the following affirmation several times during the day.

I am aware of the abundance that occurs naturally in every area of life.

Watch what you find…

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