Deepak Chopra Interview by Anthony Robbins

I found myself nodding along as Deepak Chopra spoke during this interview. The amount of truth illuminated is so profound for anyone on a healing journey. The fact that another personal development great, Anthony Robbins, is the interviewer makes this a true blessing to listen to.

I must admit that the essence of what is discussed is the basis for how reality is created; however, the practice of this knowing is where the challenge comes in. Coupling this interview with what I am reading in The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, I am coming to understand that it is our environment that shapes our lives. The environment in which we live, what we watch, what we read and listen to as well as the environment of our thoughts and memories and how we interpret those.

What we label "reality" is only an illusion. It is believing that strongly enough that you can hear the morning news and know that what appears real is just a manifestation of past thoughts that you can change in this present moment. The work of healing calls us to believe stronger in our highest selves than in anything else our environment or ego can throw at us. That is the work that affirmations do in our lives. By using affirmations with repetition, we are constantly reminding ourselves of what we know to be true on a spiritual level. This is different than what we see in our external environment, many times dramatically different.

In Chopra’s book, Quantum Healing he describes this place of belief and understanding “the gap.” The gap is the space we can slip into when we come to understand that everything is an illusion. From there we are able to commune with the divine and really grasp the truth of how life operates and how we participate in creation. It is in the gap that healing happens.

Interview of Deepak Chopra by Anthony Robbins, in 2 parts:

Part I

Part II

Reutrn from Deepak Chopra Interview by Anthony Robbins to Holistic Healing

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