Q&A: I Feel Stuck

From time-to-time people contact Creative Affirmations with questions about how to use affirmations or change something about their life. I've condensed a few questions with similar themes down to their essence and will be answering them here. Our first question is:


I feel stuck. How can I get unstuck?


“I feel stuck” is most often translated to “I feel afraid.” And, yes, fear is a big sticking point for many people.

There is one thing to recognize and one thing to change in this situation.


We love our fantasy that life could be lived without fear. We could bounce through awkward situations, public speaking, dark spaces, and pain without blinking an eye.

I don’t know anyone who has found this holy grail.

Getting unstuck has everything to do with recognizing that fear doesn’t disappear. Sometimes we have to walk straight into it. Knees shaking, sweaty palms and all.

Moving forward, can often mean moving toward something you’re afraid of. Acknowledge the fear, but for goodness sake, don’t let it stop you. Unless there is imminent danger (i.e. someone chasing you)  most likely your fear is only an illusion, which coincidentally means that ‘stuck’ is an illusion too.


The only thing you need to do is change one teeny, tiny minuscule thing. It could be taking a morning walk, it could be the way your living room is arranged, it could be a hair style, or any number of things. It doesn’t even have to relate to the area of your life where you feel stuck.

Adjusting just one small thing can have a ripple effect that dislodges the frozen feeling and gently moves things forward.

Decide this moment what one thing you are doing to change in your life. Know what it is?


When will you implement it? I suggest immediately - depending on how quickly you want to unstick.

It wouldn't hurt to repeat this affirmation as well…

I am willing to move forward wherever that may lead.

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