20 Random Happy Thoughts for a Friday

It is 3:30 on a Friday afternoon, and I am filled with happy thoughts...

  1. I don’t have to figure everything out at this exact moment.

    Two Cranes Flying

  2. Birds demonstrate the grace of freedom.
  3. I get to do better tomorrow.
  4. Pillows are soft.
  5. The sun is out.
  6. Goodness is everywhere we look.
  7. With light and water, beans sprout open to show that life is in the densest of places.
  8. I have an inner voice to keep me company and narrate life.
  9. Cars and plans exist to help us explore the world.
  10. Medicine has invented what my body needs.
  11. My dogs seem to have more figured out than I do sometimes.
  12. Things tend to work out well, even when I worry.
  13. I can choose to appreciate people and situations just by the questions I ask myself. What’s going well? How am I loved? What am I thankful for?
  14. My phone can now play music, forecast the weather, report news, and play games.
  15. Every tree looks different.
  16. I danced today.
  17. I have the opportunity to try again at all sorts of things.
  18. My past does not have to determine my future.
  19. Lemons grow during winter in California so you have ripe fruit in early spring.
  20. I learned about Spotify (www.spotify.com) and created a beautiful classical music playlist, all my favorites from when I was young.

What are your 20 happy thoughts? Take a moment to grab some paper and write them down. Taking time to identify the random things that make you happy brings what’s really important to you into view, and it will make you even happier.

It has been a while since I’ve blogged. However, I have been writing…more to come on that later. After stepping into a space of deep personal exploration, it feels like I’m starting to step out the other side with greater understanding, insight and discoveries to share with you. I’ve been doing lots of research over the past year on positive thinking and will be bringing this fresh perspective to the website over the coming months. Stick with me.

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