Love Affirmations

Love Affirmations:

Couple Dancing on the Beach

I am open to love.

I easily attract love into my life.

The warmth of love surrounds me.

I know, without a doubt, that I have met the love of my life.

I am ready for a relationship filled with love to enter into my life.

I am willing to give to someone else.

I appreciate those who love me.

I unconditionally give my love.

This is it. It is here. Love has arrived.

I am in love. (Say it with a smile & notice the feeling it generates.)

I have the honor of sharing my life with my love.

I am ready to be in love.

There is one partner meant for me, and I already love him/her.

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About Affirmations:

The key when saying, and/or reading, affirmations is to feel the feelings they portray. It can help to fully relax and know that at the core of your being, these statements are true. If they feel out of reach or you are having a hard time convincing yourself of their truth, adjust the affirmation to include the words choose, potential, or willing to make them true for you at this moment.

Also, affirmations gain their power from repetition. The more often you say them, the more they will impact your reality. Affirmations are not a one-time-event…say them once and life is perfect. Affirmations are an everyday choice, a choice we make with our thoughts and feelings. The more often you use them, the quicker you will begin to see new opportunities, engage in new healthy behaviors, and feel energized by the direction your life will be taking.

To learn more about making affirmations part of your daily routine, visit All About Affirmations. To start writing your own powerful, effective affirmations, visit Writing Affirmations.

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