Manifesting Health

During one of Oprah's episodes on “The Secret,” a woman was on who was going to be manifesting health through visualization and the Law of Attraction. She had decided to stop her cancer treatment in faith that she would be miraculously healed.

When I was younger I had this same mentality. If the Law of Attraction worked, than I would visualize healthy and one day wake up with perfect health. My motivation to search out healing methods that involved pain or discipline was low because I thought I could “think myself healthy.” While this seems like a grand idea, I no longer believe that healing with the Law of Attraction always works this way. Yes, there are some stories of spontaneous remission, but they are the outliers versus the norm.

Quantum physics says that our world is energy and potential. What becomes reality is what has the most probability of occurring. Hence, given our collective beliefs as a society, most of the time, what happens is what we expect to happen.

When we use the Law of Attraction, we get to choose an outcome. By putting our focus on attention on that outcome, we increase the probability of it occurring and it eventually manifests. The disclaimer is that how the manifestation comes about is usually in line with our prior beliefs.

For instance if your intention is to take a vacation, most likely it will manifest through planning, saving, booking flights, booking hotels, etc… It is less likely that it will manifest by waking up one morning on the beach in Aruba.

Our health works similarly. As I have been using my affirmation, “I am renewed and restored to perfect health mind, body and soul” I have noticed that I have and increased motivation and inclination to give up dairy and eat more vegetables. I believe that my nudges from within are my affirmation becoming true.

Medical Medical science is not to be discounted for metaphysical healing as it can be one of the roads to becoming healed. Taking medication, having a surgery, changing your diet and exercise are all means of manifesting health. Life’s creative energy is everywhere including in hospitals and doctor’s offices.

If you are affirming health and are presented with a medical treatment that will help, that is your affirmation trying to come true. We choose the intention, the destination of where we are headed, but the road to get there may travel through many traditional and ordinary places.

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