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Oprah was hosting Marianne Williamson on her program Super Soul Sunday this week. There was one idea Marianne spoke that really struck me. She said, “Magic happens when you tell the Universe what you want it to do for you. Miracles happen when you ask how you can be of service to the Universe.”

There comes a time along the spiritual path when you get disillusioned with the “magic.” You begin to realize that the things you’ve been asking the Universe for are not bringing you what you really, really want. They bring you joy, but it’s fleeting. They bring you pride, but it doesn’t last. They bring you security, but that can still be taken.

Oprah and Marianne went on to talk about the real thing we all want which is “inner peace.” All of the stuff we go after, the “magic” we hope to create, is about trying to find inner peace. Many times this ends up being counterproductive. We push to manipulate the magic to make us happy, and push away the miraculous instead.

Once you realize that you are not the best at determining what will bring you true inner peace, you are able to let go and ask how you can serve the Universe. That is when the miracles surprise you.

I have been thinking a lot about this idea lately, especially in relation to my health. Of course I want want to be magically healed. I strive for this with diet, affirmations and exercise. Yet, maybe that isn’t my path. Maybe there is something in this experience that I’m having that will create miracles that I cannot foresee. I don’t think I’m the best judge of what I experiences I need to have. Once I’ve done my part to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is best to let the rest go.

Living out the miracles portion of what Marianne Williamson was discussing involves LOTS of trust. You have to put your agenda aside and get very, very quiet. Quiet enough to hear your intuition. You have to let traditional ideas of success go and be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

I have been doing this more and more and, most of the time, I just feel lost. As if I’m leading an ambiguous life, waiting for something to spark, for the miracle to arrive. However, I have found that with each passing day, I’m becoming more comfortable with the fuzziness of this approach. I’m learning to be lead instead of leading. In some ways, it is a relief to let my agenda take a back seat and see what the Universe has in store.

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