Meditation Techniques

Meditation techniques are as vast as there are people. I have tried many over the years, all with little success. I am good at


meditate, desert

and focus, but it is hard for me to completely silence my mind. Recently, I have focused on really learning how to meditate. I read How to use the Science of Mind and became inspired to be someone who can meditate. I am passionate about affirmations, which means that I am passionate about focusing on and pursuing my goals. Meditation has a much more spiritual take on things. The goal with meditation is to connect with “Your Higher Self” or the part within you that is connected to God. I have received intuitive messages from that space before (that is how I knew I would marry Phillip), but I am not as intimately involved as I would like to be. Through meditation I am trying to get to know the part of me that knows better than “I” do. I believe it is from this area where the miraculous can manifest.

Each day I am dedicating 30 minutes to meditation.
Sometimes it is encouraging: I have had the experience of ‘blending’ with my surroundings and having my mind fill with light. I have also had some comical experiences: thinking about so many things that it feels like I’m playing Whack a Mole with my thoughts.

One thing that perplexed me was, how do I know when I meditating successfully? I find that I am constantly wondering if this is “it.” I did some internet searching and came across an informative article that gives specific meditation techniques and tips. It states that you meditate successfully when you have 2 – 3 thoughts in 5 minutes. I’ve pasted the link below if you are interested in learning more about how to meditate and joining me on my journey silently within.


I am also finding the technique he lays out is the most easy to use and makes me the most successful at achieving a meditative state. Basically,

I watch my thoughts from a 3rd party perspective and when I have a thought I simply observe it without becoming involved or exploring the thought further. I then repeat my mantra to replace each thought. I have not been saying my mantra continually during the meditation, only as needed when as thought pops up.

The affirmation of the week:

My mind is clear, I am calm and I meditate with ease.

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