Banish a Negative Attitude!

A negative attitude can rule one’s life. It influences thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions. Carry negativity long enough and the result is a negative life.

The steps for shifting to a sunnier outlook are simple:

  1. Observe your thoughts. Watch what your subconscious subconscious comes up with. This is an active practice that takes conscious effort.

  2. Listen for negative words.
  3. What you hear a negative world in a thought, watch your physical reaction. Do you become tense, nauseous, flushed, pale, tired, achy, sweaty or in pain?

  4. Repeat the above 3 steps until you frequently recognize your negative thinking.

  5. The next step is to wait. When you have a negative thought, wait 90 seconds. That is the amount of time it takes for a full physiological fear reaction to take place. Do not fight the emotional/physical response. It only takes 90 seconds. If you resist, the thought and reaction will become stronger and longer. It is the same as being told not to think of a pink elephant. That is all you can think of now, right?

  6. After 90 seconds have passed, say an sun, beach, freedom, joy affirmation. Affirm a new truth in your life. You can choose a generic positive affirmation (good for lots of life’s challenges.) Otherwise, choose an affirmation related to a specific trigger. For instance, if the negative attitude is related to money, choose an affirmation related to prosperity or wealth.
The main point behind this practice is to recognize negative self talk and observe it (not engage it) rather than resist it. It is a common misconception that each negative thought has to be halted immediately. That just causes the mind to rebel and increase the strength of the thought. Let the thought go. Let it do what it will do, just for 90 seconds.
Once it has been heard it will more easily dissipate and leave space for a positive message.

The key is consistency! Practice and repetition become habit and habits create new neural pathways that rule our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions. Those rule our life!

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