Practicing Personal Development

The Personal Development Industry is worth over $64 Billion dollars worldwide. That is a lot of people searching for a lot of answers. We live life everyday; you would think we know the ins and outs of it pretty well. However, $64 Billion would suggest otherwise.

I am a searcher. I have always been a searcher. I have read books, listened to tapes, taken seminars, gone to counseling, all searching for something. You are probably reading this website searching for something. There is a mystery about being human that we yearn to understand. We want to know the trick, the key, The Secret. We want to know what will make it easy, enjoyable, automatic. So, we search.

I eventually hit a point where I realized that my personal development explorations morphed from search to avoidance. I began hearing myself say, “I will read this book and then focus on changing.” or “That title really speaks to me, I bet it will have the key that I have been missing, then I can start doing the real work.” There was always something more to learn, something to add, something to search for. In fact, I was so focused on looking and learning that I was not practicing. I was not meditating, I was not visualizing. I had read how, I had done it a few times, but I was convinced that there was more to learn before I was “READY.” Before I really had the knowledge to change.

Honestly, that is a bunch of bull. I was preparing to “personally develop” myself so much that I was not actually practicing personal development. With each book I would read, technique I would learn, Google search I would do, I was affirming, “I do not have the power to change my life. I need someone or something else to do it for me.”

Then one day it hit me...I had decided that I should begin focusing on a new goal. I went to write a list of my intentions to manifest and realized that I had already written that list. I had actually written it 3 times. I had it written on index cards, written in a notebook, and typed out on the computer. There was always something that I needed to do before I was ready. Those 3 lists were the kick in the pants I needed. Enough was enough.

All of my preparation, all of my searching was really my subconscious mind preventing me from actually changing anything.

The search is not a bad thing. I love that you are reading my website. However, remembering that we are the only ones that have the power to change anything is vital. We already know the answers. We already have the power. It is the doing, the practicing that makes the difference. The exploration within is SO much more important than the search outside.

The affirmation that I began using was: “I am willing to change.” I would repeat it over and over again, “I am willing to change.” I was teaching my subconscious that I was done with resistance. I was ready. It was time. Things were going to change.

The affirmation of the week:

The power I am searching for is within me.
I am willing to use it. I am willing to change.

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