The Present Moment

The present moment is the only thing that exists. It is true. Think about it. What is the past? It certainly is not a place you can go to. The past is a thought, a memory. Something only in your mind. The same goes for the future. It too is only a thought, a projection, hope, dream or worry about what life might be like.

Hence, if the past and future are only thoughts then it reasons that the only thing that is real, that exists, is this exact moment. We are suspended at some fleeting moment in time, and even by the time we contemplate that, it is gone.

What is especially interesting is that what we consider reality, who we are, what we do, who we will be, is really only thought. I know that this is a hard concept to take on, but it does give us a clue about how to most efficiently and quickly change our life. Living as much as we can in the present moment aligns us with the Universal creative, the energy that is the now, the energy that gives life, the energy that manifests change.

That is why it is vitally important to write and say your affirmations in the present tense as if they are true at this very moment. If you say affirmations in past or future tense, you are not tapping into the energy that manifest’s change. When we align with the this moment, we also let go of our past thoughts and beliefs and our future worries and projections. We allow life to be what it is, we enter the flow, and we get out of our own way to let our good, our passion and our purpose show up.

To be in ‘the now’ it takes focused repetition and training. One of the easiest ways to do this is to “go into your body.” Several times throughout the day, pay attention to where your feet are at, feel the energy in your hands or concentrate on your breath.

You will be pulled out of your thoughts about the past or the future and brought smack dab into your current reality. This simple exercise can increase your awareness of life, and as a bonus, reduce stress. What you may notice most of all is that when you are in the present moment, life is just fine.

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