Speaker Testimonials

"VERY inspirational, VERY well delivered, and VERY professional. On a scale of 1 to 5 she earned a 10.”- John Amond, East Portland Rotary

“I would have to say that our entire group received more than they asked for from Danea’s session. She made a profound impact through her personal stories and precise analogies. I am still receiving feedback from our participants about how impactful Danea was, even one month later! And, rather than a cookie-cutter motivational speech, she did her homework researching how to make her presentation exactly what I was looking for, in every aspect.”- Tiffany Stout, Mary Kay Senior Cadillac Sales Director

"Danea Horn facilitated a Presentation Skills workshop for our Future Managers group at the TrailBlazers. She received excellent marks in speaking, topic relevance, and quality and usefulness of thematerials. The information she presented was extremely organized and participants received a copy of the PowerPoint will be useful to review prior to presentations are required to give as part of their jobs. One of the participants commented that she was really nervous about the group speaking aspect. Danea was able to lessen her fear by describing her own anxieties and offering tips. Danea’s willingness to be honest, vulnerable, and personal made everyone feel more comfortable and safe.

Overall, she did an excellent job and everyone felt like they could immediately use the skills they learned at the workshop. Mrs. Horn’s session was one of the best in our year-long program. I would highly recommend her as a facilitator or coach for anyone required to make presentations."- Traci Reandeau, VP, Human Resources, Portland Trail Blazers

"Danea’s workshop validated and inspired our group to become better coaches within the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and life. She provided good insights and techniques for us to better understand the motivations and experience of the people we coach thereby creating quick and lasting change. As business owners who work with a variety of executives, managers and staff, our group is going to immediately begin to include these concepts when communicating and connecting with others. Danea was positive, professional and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Danea and are confident that she will be the solution your group is looking for."- M. Rochman, Forum Moderator, Entrepreneurs' Organization

“Implementing the concepts and principles you discussed will help me to become a better manager of people, especially in these challenging economic times.”- R. Wren, Controller, Pan Western Corporation

“Thank you Danea for coming to speak to my Elk Grove and Stockton Chapters of eWomenNetwork. I was thrilled with the content you presented on “Redefining Balance.” The presentation went beyond my expectations with your well crafted handout, relevant personal examples and the concrete action steps and advice given to us on this timely subject was fantastic. So often speakers may have a lot to say on a subject, but then don’t leave us with something we can readily apply to our lives and business. I told you that was important to me and you delivered! I received “rave reviews” feedback from my members who found you and your speaking style authentic, relatable and delightful! I look forward to having you back!”- K. Penfold, Executive Director, eWomen Network

"As the Professional Development Director for the Sacramento Coaches Association it is my job to secure quality and qualified speakers for our general meetings. Danea was very clear upfront as to what she was able to speak about with us. Her choices were appropriate and very timely for our group. Her presentation exceeded our expectations in two ways. First, she was very hands on and open to questions, concerns and conversation initiated by the group and second, she was funny. I don’t mean to suggest that Danea was comedic, but she was right on the mark with her humor. The group really appreciated her down to earth style and the way she encouraged us to laugh at ourselves in a very positive way.

Danea is a composed, prepared and very approachable speaker. The group was at ease with her very quickly and is actually hopeful that she’ll become a member. They valued her contributions and insights as well as her style of communicating her message. Danea is a highly qualified speaker with clear intentions and an honest sense of things. She gave us more than we expected in a professional and positive way."- D. Rude, Professional Development Director, Sacramento Coaches Association

“Danea's message on authentic positivity was, I feel, right on for where our particular group has said it's been challenged in our daily lives. The presentation was clear, thought-provoking, and opened me up to new ways of pondering what "positivity" means in my life.

I came away from this presentation feeling empowered, uplifted, and re-charged. Danea presents an authentic positive outlook that is obviously deeply personal and yet contagious, and she makes it easy to relate to her through her openness about her own struggles and triumphs in her life journey. Her interactive approach allows us to feel part of the discussion, as opposed to being talked at, challenging us to become engaged in the subject matter from our own personal standpoint.”- A. Finarelli, Amberly Finarelli Editorial Services

"I would highly recommend Danea to any organization seeking a professional and energetic motivational speaker. As a person responsible for procuring speakers on a weekly basis, I work with presenters on a regular basis. Danea is amongst one of the top speakers that we have had. Not only did she recieve compliments for her talk, I received compliments for having her present to our club! Danea knows how to connect with audiences of all backgrounds and generations, as such, I would recommend her without reservation."- Claire Lider, Lewis River Rotary

"Our Rotary group recently had the pleasure to host Danea Horn as a speaker at our lunch meeting and she was very personable and had great insight on physical and mental health life balance. She was very inspiring and definitely provided “conscious mind” tools that would definitely make a difference in one’s life to manage stress, take on new challenges and achieve one’s full potential. Her perfectly paced presentation of personal experiences and learned facts was very inspiring and everyone in the room was able to benefit from many aspects of her presentation. I would definitely recommend Danea Horn as a speaker for any organization." - Christi Woodards, Vocational Service Chair, Rotary Club of Citrus Heights

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