Talking Back

Talking back: Yesterday I was at the bank and realized I had made a mistake on a form I needed to complete for my business. Immediately the voice in my head started in:

“How on earth do you think that you can ever be truly successful if you make mistakes.” Now there’s a belief for you. This is a voice I have known quite well over the years. She is getting softer and speaks up less frequently, but alas she still visits every now and again to try to put me in my place.

I know that she has my best interest at heart. She does not want to see me fail or get hurt, so she prods me to keep it safe, keep it small and not live as big and as bold as my dreams push me to.

However, yesterday, I had had enough. I talked back. In my mind, I said back to her: “Why are you being so mean to me?” She was stunned. She had never heard me that pissed and frustrated and strong. My question was followed with the thought, “God would not talk to me like that. I deserve better.” That definitely shut her up.

I know that she will be back as I continue to take steps forward, but I have found my bigger bolder voice and I intent to defend myself.

I know mental conversations can sound a bit cuckoo; however, if the only voice you hear is a monologue of personal insults, try having a conversation. Speak up and talk back.

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