The Healing Code

By Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson

The Healing Code Book

Pro: The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson is a clearly written manual on the benefits and background as to why energy healing works as well as an introductory guide to implementing energy healing at home. I did experience healing results from implementing the code given in the book.

Con: I was left with a few questions the book did not answer. Also, it does not include all of the information on the “codes;” the book is partly promotional for their other higher-priced products.

As part of my my healing journey, I was looking online for various nutrition and healing books. One of the recommendations Amazon came up with was The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson. It was a best-seller and got great reviews, so I thought I would add it to my library. It is a very intriguing read. The Healing Code came out of a message from God as Loyd was struggling to help his wife with depression. After trying the technique with his wife, her depression was cured. Loyd began promoting the technique and one of his students was Ben Johnson, a doctor specializing in treating cancer. Johnson was also diagnosed with Lou Gehrig Disease when he found Loyd. After working diligently with the code, Johnson was also healed. Johnson went on to receive miraculous results with his cancer patients.

The book explains the science behind energy healing and why it is so vital to heal old destructive beliefs and memories. It is these false cellular memories that are the root of disease. By introducing positive energy at specific points on the face and neck, the authors claim that the positive frequency counteracts the negative frequency and heals the thoughts (conscious or subconscious) that are at the root of our troubles. The explanation all made sense to me and the numerous testimonials are very encouraging. The application was a bit squishy…

To begin the healing code, you are asked to determine what negative feelings you are currently experiencing. Next, trace those feelings back to your earliest recorded memory of feeling that way and then do the code with the intention of healing that first memory. The part I had trouble with was coming up with the earliest memories I had related to current feelings I experienced. I could logically determine that some early memories were possibly related to current feelings, but when I would bring up those memories, I didn’t have any emotional reaction. I was never really sure I was working to heal the right thing. Clarity seemed to elude me about what my issues were, what the connecting memories were and if I had any conflicts that needed to be worked on first. The authors say that intention is the more important part and that healing may be occurring below consciousness. I went on that faith.

The book is also very promotional. At the end, they request that the reader go online to get additional materials by registering their book. Also, the code given in the book is “universal” and not as powerful as codes used for specific ailments which can be purchased at an additional (more expensive) cost.

All that being said, I practiced the codes at least 2x per day faithfully for a few weeks after reading the book. I can say that I was having some pain in my right arm related to stress that had been off and on for a few months. The pain disappeared after using the code for a week.

I didn’t realize it at first as I had been intending to focus the healing on my kidney and received an unintended side benefit. I continue to be intrigued by energy healing and have continued to explore the science behind the energy connection between mind and body. Look for a book review of Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief soon.

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