The Intention Experiment

The Intention Experiment Book

Pro: The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart is simply fascinating. It demonstrates, experiment by experiment, the potential you have to make real change with your thoughts.

Con: The scientific terms and writing takes a dose of concentration to follow.


Oh how I adore this book. As you may know from my article on Mind Power, I am enthralled by the science of why positive thinking and affirmations work. I was a Math and Economics major in college and The Intention Experiment speaks to the technical side of me that wants to know the “why” behind what I see demonstrated in my life.

McTaggart does an exhaustive review of numerous scientific studies performed at Universities around the world looking for evidence of intention impacting physical reality. The experiments profited run the gamete from prayer, to meditation, to healing, to remote healing, to visualization, to quantum physics and involve protons, atoms, plants, animals and humans.

The book is meticulous in its detail about the theories proposed, experiment design and results reporting. The book also profiles the scientists and circumstances that prompted them to explore intention. After each chapter, I was telling my husband, Phillip, about what I had just read because it was too good not to immediately share.

The book concludes by offering the reader a set of techniques to exploring the power of intention in their own lives. The techniques are based on the results of the experiments included in the book. The action portion of the book is less novel as the techniques are not new to the field of consciousness and intention. Well, except the part about tracking cosmic storms to figure out when to send an intention. After the techniques are given, McTaggart encourages the reader to participate in her online community to report the findings of personal experiments and to participate in global intention experiments she promotes.

The scientific terms used when explaining the experiments can be a trap to get a bit lost, but with a dash of concentration a non-scientific reader would be able to follow along easily.

The Intention Experiment will dramatically increase your belief in the power of positive thinking which does create results.

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