Turning Negatives into Positives

The secret for turning negatives into positives is trust. All you have to do is trust. Trust in your power and the power of the Universe to shift focus.

Trust in the power of love and healing. Trust that your deepest desires are being realized, even if you are unsure of what they are.

Negativity can sometime seem like an addiction. We begin thinking negative thoughts & find it hard to stop; before we know it, we are stuck in a new negative reality. The first thing that you need to do is trust that you can change your situation. Even if you don’t know how that is going to happen or how things will turn out, trust. If you intend to be positive, your world will become positive.

Things turn out for the best!

Start by using the affirmation: “Things turn out for the best!” Think of times in your life when things seemed bleak, and in retrospect the negative experience was needed to bring about a positive change. One of the most classic examples is a breakup. This can be a very gut-wrenching experience. However, a break up with the wrong person is needed to open the path for the right person to enter your life.

If my high school boyfriend hadn’t broken up with me, I wouldn’t be married to Phillip. Yes, at the time it can be hard to imagine a brighter future, but remind yourself that “things turn out for the best.”

Find the Lesson

If you are REALLY stuck, sit quietly and ask yourself what lesson you are supposed to learn from your situation. Give it a few moments of silence and wait for an answer. Once you receive the lesson, acknowledge its significance and release the situation. This allows the possibility of something more positive to enter your reality.

Identify Your Blocks

We always have our own best intentions in mind. Unfortunately, sometimes those intentions are not aligned with our conscious desires. We may think that we want one thing, but there could be a part of us that will not allow that reality to manifest. When you have an intention, imagine all of the ramifications of its manifestation. Do any of those ramifications make you feel uncomfortable?

When I was contemplating creating this website, I sensed some resistance to writing. I would intend to write, but the TV became much more attractive. After becoming very frustrated with my lack of motivation & will power, I finally asked myself what was going on. A voice shouted in my head that I was nervous about becoming vulnerable and sharing my life through the website. I acknowledged the fear that had been preventing my writing. Once I felt heard, I became more congruent with my goal. Writing became much easier.

Feel It!

Sometimes, for the time being, a negative is a negative. Sometimes we need to grieve, cry, scream, shout and curse. Sometimes we just need to feel it. We need to sit in the darkness of our emotions and truly feel the feelings. You will find that by not resisting your emotions, you allow yourself to fully enter the healing process, part of which is grieving.

In 2003, 7-months after Phillip & I got married, we found out that my single kidney was not strong enough to support a pregnancy. We were not considering getting pregnant at the time, but the news came as a shock. I grieved. I grieved all of the images I had built up over the years of what being pregnant was going to be like. I fully embraced feeling crappy about the circumstances. I got angry and frustrated. I even bargained for a different outcome. I would cry every time I heard anything about pregnancy. This went on for 4-months.

Then one evening Phillip and I were channel surfing, and we came across a program on adoption. Our world changed. The program resonated deeply with the both of us. We cried and talked about what having a child meant in our lives. For us it was not about DNA, but about experiencing love. We realized that we had met our true path. We were meant to adopt. Our negative had turned into a beautiful positive.
I have tremendous amounts of gratitude for my kidney because it pushed me to accept the tremendous gift we were being given, adoption. We have not yet adopted, but are thrilled to someday pursue our adoption journey.

Yes, it is all about trust.

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