Just in Time

On Tuesday, I read a fantastic article by Martha Beck, a contributor to O, The Oprah Magazine. She has a unique take on thinking positively that can change your life.

The just- in-time mindset was taken from a Toyoda business philosophy. Rather than store parts to build their cars, Toyoda would purchase items just as they were needed. Just-in-time inventory management is wildly successful, especially with a business’ cash flow. Beck applies this concept to life by proposing that we adopt a just-in-time mindset when managing our lives.

Most people operate on just-in-case life management. We hold on tightly to love, weight, money, you name it “just-in-case” it runs out. Just-in-case management is really a belief that there is not enough to go around. We must hold on now because it will be gone soon.

On the other hand, just-in-time life management means that we acquire/receive things as we need them. We do not need to hold on tightly to love, weight, money, etc… because there is always enough to go around. Just when we need something, it will show up. This is a belief in abundance.

When we let our belief in lack go and embrace a belief in abundance, abundance shows up. This mindset takes trust and self confidence to let go of our need to accumulate. We need to deeply know that we are provided for. I would highly recommend Beck’s article as it really puts a new spin on a life changing idea.

Martha Beck Article: Trust that you'll find exactly what you need

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