Positive Thinking Trick

This positive thinking trick can be vital in getting things accomplished. I currently have 31 things on my ‘to-do’ list. All day long I have been planning to accomplish 3 of my to-do’s.

I was going to use from 8pm until midnight to get them done. However, right after dinner, 7:45pm, I got VERY sleepy. My mind played right along and the excuses started coming:
  • I deserve to rest.
  • I got up early this morning.
  • If I go to bed now, I will get up early and accomplish those things in the morning.
  • If I feel tired, it is my body telling me that I need to rest.
  • Ect…………………………
    (Note the negativity.)
  • As I was running the negative (automatic) thoughts in my head, I had a very clear image of walking into my bedroom and laying down face first into a big pile of blankets and not becoming conscious again for 8 hours. I could feel the cozyness. I had it in my heart to get things done. Getting to my goals involves getting things done…

    But I was soooo sllllleeeeppppyyy.

    Here comes the trick. My negative thoughts lead to the image of sleeping. The reverse is true also: positive images lead to positive thoughts. Thus I began to imagine myself full of energy on a mountain top, arms outstretched and feeling full power surge through me. That led to thoughts of my goals and excitement about getting them done. I even added something to my to-do list, writing this article.

    If there is an action you want to take or a thought you want to entice, start first with a mental image that gets you motivated. For instance, an artist wants to paint. She knows that painting is the only way to accomplish her goal of being featured in a gallery.

    However, she is procrastinating and battling negative thoughts. The trick would be to imagine herself at a gallery opening with her paintings gracing the walls mingling with excited fans.

    The more we picture ourselves being empowered and at the finish line, the quicker we will get there.

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