The Lazy Way to Success
By Fred Gratzon

The Lazy Way to Success Book

Pro: The Lazy Way to Success by Fred Gratzon is a fun quick read with great pictures, lighthearted humor and a solid focused message.

Con: His punch-line is Transcendental Meditation, a meditation technique taught by the TM organization that charges thousands to learn it.


I heard about this book from the The Science of Getting Rich Network and could not pass up the opportunity to learn how to become successful by doing…nothing?

The basic premise is that all of the over-thinking, analyzing, pushing and trying is blocking a person’s natural problem solving abilities. The most simple, creative and efficient strategies come from our subconscious mind, spontaneously. Our subconscious houses divine knowledge of solutions our conscious mind cannot tap into. By opening the channel to the subconscious, the flow of ideas, inventions and answers is let loose to create success. The book asserts that meditation is the technique that allows people to connect with their subconscious, “the more subtle level of problem solving.”

The core concept and ideas are great and Gratzon gives lots of examples of using more subtle intelligence to achieve success; however, he waits until the appendix, “The Easiest Way to Do Nothing,” to talk about the specific meditation technique, Transcendental Meditation, he uses to tap into the lazy way to success. Prior to that, his recommendation to do nothing is not backed up with concrete tips and techniques of how to let the pushing and problem solving efforts of the conscious mind go.

There are numerous free ways to meditate and relax.

I recommend you try those first before plunking down money to achieve enlightenment and success. That being said, if you take the appendix with a grain of salt, the book has some entertaining and thought provoking ideas about allowing the intelligence of the subconscious to shine through.

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